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ashwarya Hi am doing my masters in audiology and speech language pathology n am interested to work as a speech language pathologist. Could you pl guide me for working abroad after two years, basically regarding the requirements needed? haitham I am interested , I am SLP from Jordan , I will be in USA as a student next June I am looking for CFY ,If you have a chance for me , this is my email: [email protected] Jennifer Hatfield I love this Katie! Just today, had one of “those” moments when a young adult TBI client got to say her last name for the first time since her injury! She just had an adjustment to her palatal lift and didn’t realize that she could now get her velars! Chills….;) Love what I do which is why I went into private practice {Therapy and Learning Services} 16 years ago! Katie Yeh Oh Jennifer that is fantastic! Your comment about your client gave ME the chills. This is the best profession! Thanks for stopping by! Jennifer Hatfield Francine Iuliucci Such amazing things happen when a child can speak clearly and be understood! I know first hand I’m a TA in a public school and my daughter is a SLP! She works with special needs children. Thanks for this post! Martha Allen Great article, agree wholeheartedly. So, I hate to put a negative spin on your article, but I did notice a couple of typos. Number 4: ….say “rabbit” instead of “rabbit”. And in number 5, should there be a comma after swallow? “….further by disorder type like swallowing stroke, early language intervention, stuttering, or motor speech disorders.” I would love to share this, but not with typos. We are in the communication business. Kelly Such a petty remark. You begin with “Great article” and then proceed to pick her apart. Find some kindness. Martha Allen I’m not picking her apart. How well it is written is a reflection on our profession as Speech-Language Pathologists. I would love to share this article, but I won’t with typos. I’m not being petty. Karnka Irene R. Kopp, M.S., C.C.C. I agree with Martha Allen re the typos. It is essential that we, as speech and language pathologists, communicate well ourselves. She is not being picky, and I thank her for being so vigilant. As speech and language pathologists, our ears should be trained to be “picky” — otherwise, how can we hear and recognize the sometimes tiny deviations that our clients make in their articulation skills and in their language skills? Kay Actually, I question your comment regarding #4. I took the exclamation point as a way to point out that the child final SAYS the word rather than yelling it… is that the point? (If indeed there were supposed to be a period, inside the quotation marks is the correct method.) Yes, there were “typos,” but the joy that Katie feels in her profession still comes through “loud and clear.” (Whoops! Make that “loudly and clearly” – ha!) Martha Allen I think the, saying “rabbit” instead of “rabbit” was probably an articulation goal involving the /r/ phoneme. We work with a lot of children who cannot produce the /r/ phoneme correctly, usually they substitute /w/ for /r/. So in the example in #4 I am wondering if she meant to say: ‘saying “rabbit” instead of “wabbit”. (Think of Elmer Fudd). B.W. Katie Yeh Hi Martha, I am the author of this piece. Thanks so much for your comment. Unfortunately, thanks to the autocorrect function of my MAC computer, “wabbit” became “rabbit” and I did not catch it. Technology is a wonderful thing, but obviously sometimes it can also be a hinderance! Regarding my comma typo, yes I did indeed forget a comma. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention and my editor here at the Friendship Circle has been informed so he can fix it. Yes, how well a piece is written is a refection on our profession as speech-language pathologists, thank you for the reminder. My small typos are also a direct reflection of the difficulty that arises when trying to write a piece with two small children at home with me, and sleep deprivation thanks to my 5 month old who refuses to sleep. 🙂 Despite my lack of sleep, I continue to I donate my time to this blog, in hopes to help parents of children with special needs. Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] if you have any other valuable feedback for me! Thanks! Sublime Speech Hi Martha! So glad to see you found this rockin’ article by my blogger friend Katie. As you can see, she loves this profession (as I know we both do)! I’m so disappointed to hear that a few unintentional typos have distracted you from the incredible message of this post. I hope you will extend a little grace to this amazing blogger, mother, and person. I know that we all make mistakes in the grammar department… but not everybody takes the time out of their lives to write and publish posts like these for which they receive no monetary compensation. I’m so thankful for Katie’s amazing posts and how they have inspired and aided me in my therapy provision. Having said that, nice article Katie! I’ve shared it and am SO proud to do so! You rock, as do all SLPs! fcmichigan The word rabbit has been changed to wabbit, and a comma has been added. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Anotherone36 Martha – Katie was so gracious when responding to your feedback and constructive criticism. Had it been my article you were nit-picking, I’m not sure I would have used such affable and courteous language in my response. Kudos for you though, for keeping your professional hat on 24/7/365. I often take mine off at the end of the work-day. Jenna Rayburn I seriously L.O.V.E. our job. It’s the best. These were great ideas Katie! Thanks for taking the time to boast about our profession! I always enjoy reading what you write. Natalie Snyders Katie – as always, so well stated! Thank you for helping spread the “secret” about how awesome our profession truly is! Mona Thanks for the article! I’m new in the field and sometimes feel like it is not what I expected. It gives me perspective a bit 🙂 communication, voice, swallowing, fluency, More From Disha Rao So very true! Other domains of Speech and Language disorders like Child/adult disfluency, Vocal pathologies along with a bit of audiology (rehabilitation part) should have been elaborated too for a better understanding of our profession.Then it would have ben great! MARIA LOVE THIS ARTICLE RIGHT NOW I AM IN COLLEGE AND I WANT TO BECOME A SPEECH THERAPIST. Ann Wilson I have been researching speech pathologist for the past several days. I have been trying to decide whether to be a elementary school teacher or get a degree in communication sciences and disorders and this article sealed the deal. Thank you. Box Hill Speech Therapy Fantastic article. It definitely is a challenging job but the results are always so incredibly rewarding to see – or in our case ‘hear’ Liahlanni N. Cruz Hafa Adai! This article has reached me all the way on the island of Guam. I absolutely love this article, it covers everything I am learning in my into to Speech Pathology class. I have also read the comments, and I must say it is truly alarming to see that some people cannot use their words nicely. I struggle with grammar, but I hope to work through it as I want to one day become a SLP. As I move forward with my studies I hope that NO ONE will turn around and tell me that I am not cut out for this due to my need to improve my grammar. I look forward to the collaboration this profession would bring me, and I feel that helping one another to improve in certain areas would be part of great collaboration. Symen James I completely agree with the writer. As a speech language job professional myself, it is just amazing to know that you are making a difference to a child’s life, helping them out and being a support for their good future. Megan S. I’m having difficulty choosing a career and this didn’t help! (Haha!) I can’t decide whether I want to be a speech language pathologist or an audiologist. This list makes me want to be a SLP, but I still don’t know….. Anyone have any opinions? Or is there any way I can be both (double major)/ (or is that a lot of school)? I’m at a community college right now and this is my last semester before I have my disabilities specialist A.S. degree with a focus is SLPA. Does anyone have any ideas on what they think I should do to choose the major best for me? Thanks in advance for those of you have any ideas for me!

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