Become A Data Analyst Using Python

Understand some of the basic concepts of data analysis. Have used n-dimensional arrays in NumPy as well as the pandas Series and DataFrames to analyze data. Learned the basics of plotting with matplotlib View Curriculum Requirements Students should be familiar with basic data analysis concepts. Students should have experience writing, at a minimum, basic programs in python. Description Ever wonder how you can best analyze data in python? Wondering how you can advance your career beyond doing basic analysis in excel? Want to take the skills you already have from the R language and learn how to do the same thing in python and pandas? THEN THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! By taking the course, you will master the fundamental data analysis methods in python and pandas! You’ll also get access to all the code for future reference, new updated videos, and future additions for FREE! You'll Learn the most popular Python Data Analysis Technologies! By the end of this course: - Understand the data analysis ecosystem in Python. - Learn how to use the pandas data analysis library to analyze data sets - Create how to create basic plots of data using MatPlotLib - Analyze real datasets to better understand techniques for data analysis At the end of this course you will have learned a lot of the tips and tricks that cut down my learning curve as a business analyst and as a Master’s Student at UC Berkeley doing data analysis. I designed this course for those that have an intermediate programming ability and are ready to take their data analysis skills to the next level. You’ll understand cutting edge techniques used by data analysts, data scientists, and other data researches in Silicon Valley. Complete with working files and code samples, over 5 hours with 40+ lectures you’ll learn all that you need to know to turn around and apply data analysis strategies to the data that you work with. You’ll be able to work along side the instructor as we work through different data sets and data analysis approaches using cutting edge data science tools! Who is the target audience? This course is best suited for people that need a deeper understanding of data analysis tools available today. This course is not suited for those that want to learn how to program and have no prior programming experience. This course is great for introductory to intermediate python programmers or those that come from a statistical software background like R or SPSS. Analysts who want to better understand a technical approach to analyzing data. Scientists who want to step away from more academic programming languages and use a general purpose language like python. Programmers who are coming from a technical background but want to understand the pydata ecosystem a bit better. Those that are interested in learning a bit more about data analysis. Students Who Viewed This Course Also Viewed Curriculum For This Course + – Introduction to the Course 4 Lectures 04:33

Become a Data Analyst using Python Become a Data Analyst using Python Become a Data Analyst using Python

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