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In the cask of amontillado, by edgar allan poe, in the end is montresor relieved or depressed that he killed? Sort by
Would it be weird if Edgar Allan Poe was a vampire? ...of the house. I read the story and have seen the short film during an Edgar Allan Poe documentary, and it stated that he felt no remorse for Fortunato. ...
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Help finding a piece of artwork? ...fantastic terrors never felt before." I saw this documentary about him a while back, you should include some of his life in there. ...
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what movie, novel and quote expresses lots of fear? ..." (1 episode, 1995) - Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul (1995... of Amontillado", this documentary covers the life of Edgar...
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is h.p. lovecraft the father of scientology? ...weheartit.com/entry/425963/via/demontrent10653 EDIT: Edmund Dulac - Poe illustrator http://dulac.artpassions.net/