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QuickMeasure Video When it comes to the construction industry one of the biggest changes over the last decade has been the move from paper blueprints to plans provided in a digital format. With the growing cost of printing plans to paper, contractors realized it was less expensive and much more efficient to distribute the blueprints electronically. With this change, construction estimators were faced with the dilemma of how to measure quantities from a set of digital blueprints . Read More... Testimonials "I bought your product for my company over 1 year ago and I love it. It has worked better than I had hoped for. One of the reasons that I went with your company was because of what you promised your company would give on the costumer service end. When I first got your product the customer service was awesome. Your company completely helped me get set up and going. Now more than a year later I wanted to get your software installed on my other computer (laptop mac) and I was having a hard time getting it all done. Once again your customer service came through. I have been on the phone with them 2 times in that last 2 days and you have me up and running on my lap top. Thank you once again. I would rate your product 10 out of 10 and your costumer service 15 out of 10...... 5 star all the way." Jason Lassel - Canyon Stone inc. "Great product, easy to use and very time/cost efficient. Live Customer Support is unsurpassable and a life saver in critical situations." Edward C. – Pompano Masonry "The Tally system is a cost effective simple system to learn and use, it integrates flawlessly with our Excel spreadsheets. We use both on screen and with our digitizer, it definitely improves the accuracy and speed of our take-offs". Scott L. – VanLaan Concrete Construction "...wonderful product. It will reduce your takeoff time and is simply to use. Customer service is great." Jack B. - Branch & Associates, Inc. "QuickMeasure is great because it allows my clients to send me their own Excel spreadsheets for me to input the linear and area take-offs right into them. That way, they do not have to input data by hand. I bought my first QuickMeasure take-off software license in 2004, and I always get new versions when they come out because they add features that make my work easier. The commands are very easy to learn and use - after just two days, I was very comfortable with all the commands. If I have any questions, customer support is very quick. If I call and they are busy, I leave a message and they respond within an hour. I have also sent them emails and they responded within 24 hrs. I have benefited from having QuickMeasure OnScreen, because it has allowed me to service many customers who use Excel spreadsheets. The system is very reasonably priced in comparison to other take-off programs. " Ray – R & S Estimating: "QuickMeasure OnScreen was a perfect fit for Demcon Concrete Contractors, considering we use Excel for all our estimates. With QuickMeasure's add-on tools I never have to leave my spreadsheets. I have tried all the other software out there over the past 5 years and I always found that I’m noticeably more efficient with QuickMeasure. It also doesn’t have all the confusing formulas and databases that the other programs have. With QuickMeasure you don't have to tailor the way you bid around the software. It does exactly what it is supposed to do: it gives you quick and accurate takeoffs. One of the greatest things about QuickMeasure is that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how it works - I have taught kids right out of high school how to use it. Finally, they have great tech support. " Andy – Demcon Concrete Contractors "We are a drywall/metal framing company. We specialize in larger multi-family projects all over the Western United States. Several years ago we made the leap from doing take-offs from paper plans and a scale to a computerized estimating system. Like a lot of people that have been in construction many years, we knew nothing about these systems. Although we had already developed Excel spreadsheets to use with our "manual" take-offs, that was the extent of computerization in our take-off process. After extensive research, we looked at several different programs and had two physically demonstrated at our office. End result: we went with Tally Systems because it synced with our existing Excel spreadsheets perfectly. So, we basically could use what we already had and were comfortable with. " Worthen – Pacific West Wallboard Company "Green Growth industries Inc, is a landscape construction company that has been serving the greater Bay Area for over twenty-five years. Our jobs include New Construction, Renovations, Green Roofs and hydro-seeding. Due to the competitive nature of our industry, it became imperative for us to be able bid as many jobs as possible so we started researching estimating software in order to bid on more jobs. At the time we decided to pursue estimating software we were still scaling our take-offs by hand and then recording the quantities to a form manually. In 2005 we contacted our Tally representative for a demo and ended up buying QuickMeasure Software and two digitizers. Our rep set up the hardware and installed the software on our laptop and then took the time to train us. We experienced immediate improvements in accuracy and production. By integrating Excel into our bid format we were able to save and store jobs efficiently and effectively. Later, we were able to integrate our own Excel bid program that worked nicely with QuickMeasure. Since our initial purchase of QiuckMeasure we were able to expand our estimating division and in 2007 and were able to purchase two more QuickMeasure licenses along with two more digitizer boards and two more licenses. We have found the software and the support we have received from Tally Systems to be awesome. We have benefited from their commitment to improve and upgrade their software, enabling us to do our job more efficiently. " Rudy – Green Growth Industries "We have been using QuickMeasure On-Screen for about three years. We have found it significantly faster, much more accurate and credible when meeting with clients. One of the significant advantages in using QM rather than the old-fashioned method is the verification process to clearly point out what was taken-off. QM support is as good as it gets. We speak to knowledgeable support staff who speak in understandable terms. They are not only knowledgeable about the QM product, but about the construction industry as well. We have found their product and service to be the best in the game. We highly recommend it to others. " Bob – Build Systems International Inc. "We have used Tally System's Quick Measure for 8 years and have been completely satisfied with the product and service." Douglas Y, Akira Yamamoto Painting "The on-screen takeoff by Tally Systems allows the Sylvester Roofing team to get more done (proposals) in less time while being more accurate. Now that we have the services and products of Tally Systems, we do not know how we could function without them!" Tony Z, Sylvester Roofing "We checked into 2 other on-screen programs, beside Tally System, and found that the Quick Measure On-Screen was best suited for us. The program easy to use and Quick Measure On-Screen is the only piece of software that I have ever purchased, where the tech support was as simple as one phone call." Bill D., TWG Enterprises

FREE Construction Estimating Software FREE Construction Estimating Software FREE Construction Estimating Software
Free Construction Estimating Software - … Looking for free construction estimating software? I have some good news and some bad news. To get it out of the way I’ll start with the bad news: Construction Estimating Takeoff Software … Welcome to the We specialized in Takeoff estimating software and all type on screen software, offering through online service at good price. Top Construction Estimating Software - … Find the best Construction Estimating Software for your business. Compare top construction estimating tools with customer reviews, pricing and free demos. 7 Free Construction Estimating Software … Free construction estimating software does exist! Here are 7 free estimating and takeoff products construction contractors can try out today. Construction Cost Estimating Software -- … Offers construction cost estimating software tools for contractors and construction professionals. Includes free newsletter and downloads. construction estimating software - Capterra Find and compare Construction Estimating software. Free, interactive tool to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors. Construction Estimating and Management … Construction Estimating and Management Software for Residential Construction, Remodeling, Repair, and Insurance Construction Estimating Software _ Free … This cost estimate spreadsheet comes with its own free software! A cost estimating spreadsheet can help you estimate building costs and control building costs when ... Construction Estimating Software, … Construction Estimating Software. Is your construction estimating software costing you time, money and job opportunities? With award-winning ProEst software, you’ll ... Takeoff Live Software: Construction … Takeoff Live is a fully featured (Takeoff Estimation) Software used to calculate materials cost, construction cost, square footage, linear footage, and ... Reviews of STACK Estimating : Free Pricing & Demos ... STACK Construction Technologies provides the first and only truly cloud-based takeoff and estimating software for construction contractors. STACK software helps ...
FREE Construction Estimating Software FREE Construction Estimating Software FREE Construction Estimating Software

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